April 09, 2015

Whether we notice it or not the colours we choose to wear can really affect our moods and the way we feel. Choosing the right colours can make us feel happier and even boost confidence – so dare to experiment! Rather than keep to a set palette of neutral and safe shades try our top five tips to show you just how fabulous you can look and feel when wearing bright and strong colours. Obviously take into account your personal hair and skin tones.

1.    The Power of Red
Red is the colour of energy. There are many variations from raspberry to tomato. Which shade you choose depends on your hair and skin colouring, so do your research. Red can really pep up your mood if you’re feeling down – whether for a dress teamed with, say, dark grey or black accessories, or a smart jacket or top. Don’t forget maroon!

2.    Flatter with Pink 
Pink is feminine but a top in cyclamen or blush shade, teamed with a suit or trousers can look really smart. A pink dress in the right shade will flatter your skin and give you a glow if you’re looking a bit washed out. Dark grey or navy is great as a teamed colour.

3.    Versatile Green
The colour of nature. Green can be great for any item, from shoes to a coat or jacket. Don’t just stick to olive and bottle green – try apple and sea green. Teal is a really now colour and flatters all skin tones.

4.    Citrus Shades
If you’ve never dared to try to try them – give it a go! Yellow doesn’t have to be citrus bright - buttercup is soft and warm and goes really well with brown accessories, as does burnt orange. These sunny colours can really raise your spirits and are ideal for beach ware.

5.    Strong Blues
Forget baby blue. Instead go for sky and sapphire. According to fashion surveys blue is the best-selling colour, especially for scarves and tops. The brighter shades look great teamed with black and navy. How about a cornflower blue bag and strappy sandals? 

So brighten up your wardrobe and experiment with more adventurous shades of the colours you love this season. Go bright, feel bright and look fabulous! 

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