August 12, 2017

Polka dots and spots have been a popular print since the 1800’s and never go out of fashion even though styles and trends are always changing, spotted fabrics being used on both smart and fun style outfits.

The size of spots varies from full-stops and pin dots, the size of a pin head, and five pence coin size dots through to two pence piece size or larger. Chances are you already own something spotted maybe that you’ve worn forever and never grow tired of.

​Let’s see how we can give you some new ideas to celebrate spots in style. 

  1. Dresses
    Traditionally spots were black on white or the reverse, however any colour combination works. Think Julia Roberts wearing a brown and white polka dot tea dress in the 1990 film Pretty Woman. She completed the outfit with a matching dotty band in her hat at a polo match.  More recently at Wimbledon the Duchess of Cambridge wore a white dress with a large black polka dot design. Which just goes to show they are always fashionable and appropriate even for dressed up occasions.

  2. Spotty Ways to Liven Up Work-Wear
    If you have to wear a boring navy or black suit to work, brighten it up with a bright spotty scarf in the neck or even in your hair, and if you have several colour combinations you can ring the changes each day. A spotty shirt or blouse, with a pussy bow looks great with a fitted jacket.

  3. Skirts and Trousers
    You may usually wear plain colours on your bottom half and wear patterned top, so for a change try a spotted skirt – maxi skirts with spots can look great - with a single colour top. If you find floral prints can be too girly and fussy, spots have a clean fresh look.

  4. Shoes and Accessories
    Brighten up an outfit that feels a bit too plain with spotty shoes! Perfect for summer strappy sandals with a real holiday beachwear feel. These would look great with white shorts and blue tee shirt, or spotty ballet pumps with a tea dress. 

Next time you go shopping just notice how your eyes are drawn to spots and dots and you’ll see why they are always a fashion favourite.

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