November 29, 2015

If you rely on checking your appearance in shop windows or small mirrors you never get a full picture of what your clothes really look like. So a full length well–lit looking glass in your bedroom is essential to looking your best. If you’re still in doubt here are our top five tips to convince you.

1.Getting the Full Picture
Until you stand back and see you full length you can’t tell if your top half really matches your bottom half, especially with separates. A long top might look better than a short one with a certain pair of trousers, or a shorter skirt length better with a particular top. Some fabrics hang better than others and you need full length to see your whole look.
2.The Rear View
You also need to look for creases and maybe hairs so stand back and look at your picture as a whole.
3.Colours – Match or Clash
Colours may seem to go well together but when worn to make up an outfit they actually clash. Make sure your mirror is well lit, so you can see the true shades.
This season is all about duster length jackets and coats, often worn with something shorter underneath.  When wearing different lengths and layers, it’s good to check out the full picture of the outfit to make sure everything sits right.
5.And Finally – Looking for Flaws
Loose cottons, hanging hems and stains can go unnoticed if you don’t see your whole self and from behind and ensure you don’t wake the classic skirt tucked in knickers mistake! Also choosing the right heel height is easier when you see full length.
So if you don’t have a full – length mirror treat yourself and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one! 

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