August 12, 2022

Finding it hard closing your wardrobe doors? Or maybe you just keep wearing the same few things as you can’t face sorting through the jungle of dresses, tops and skirts that are squished inside? 

We’ve all been there but now Apples & Pears Clothing is here to help make the horrible job of decluttering a little easier, so you have lots of space for more of our beautiful outfits! 

Read on for our top tips and let us know how you get on! 

Make time to do the job properly 

It’s pointless thinking that a full declutter can be done in a matter of minutes. Find an afternoon where you have nothing else on and get everything – yes everything - out. If you put it all on your bed, there is the ultimate incentive to finish the job. You can only snuggle up for sleep once the clothing has been cleared and your wardrobe is restocked! Before you begin, we truly recommend leaving your phone in another room – otherwise once you start to get bored the lure of Insta reels will pull you in and you may never finish! 

Try everything on before you decide whether to keep it 

We all have those items in our wardrobes that take up space but are never worn. Now is the time to consider why. By trying everything on before you decide its fate you can assess whether you think you will ever really wear it. For those items which have an emotional connection but you’re never going to wear, consider taking a photo and holding on to that instead or maybe create a box of treasured outfits that you can pack away elsewhere.  

Stay organised as you declutter 

If you take an organised approach, the job at hand will be much quicker.  

Some people swear by limiting the number of hangers they have in their wardrobe to make sure that the clothing cull is focused (though we have never managed to be quite that ruthless!). 

Work your way through your clothes in types – dresses, tops and so on – and arrange them in sections as you return them to your wardrobe. 

Use bags for life to sort out where all the unwanted clothes will go. You may be able to give some to friends, while others can make their way to charity or can be sold online. If you sort as you go you will avoid leaving yourself with a mountain to contend with at the end. 

Commit to wear everything which goes back in your wardrobe 

If you aren’t going to wear it, why is it going back in?! Keep a handle on whether you achieve this commitment by turning the hanger the opposite way each time you wear an outfit. After a month reassess. If the hangers haven’t been turned do you still need that item of clothing? 

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