July 19, 2022

Heading off on holiday? If you are anything like us there never seems to be quite enough space in the suitcase to fit all of those beautiful items that would look so good in a sun-soaked selfie!  

So, this year we have made a vow to streamline our holiday wardrobe and try a capsule approach instead. 

But where to begin?!  First up, don’t leave your packing to the last minute.  A few days before you actually need to attempt zipping up that suitcase lay out all of the items on your holiday packing wishlist. We expect there will be quite a few. Then, according to the experts you need to reduce what you have picked out by at least a third! 

Your final packing pile should include the following must-haves: 

  • A dress – think something which can take you from day to night with the help of some nifty accessorising. For us this will be our gorgeous crinkle maxi dress – but which to take? Fushia or pink?  See, already we are starting to struggle with this pared back approach! 
  • A pair of casual trousers, ideal for evenings when the temperature dips, or when you set off on sightseeing trips. 
  • A couple of tops including a classic tee such as our sunny yellow top or our white top which includes standout bead detail plus something floaty to wear in the evenings.  
  • A cover up such as our beautiful floral print kimono which is a lovely light layer for a summer evening.  
  • Footwear – consider travelling in comfy pumps and packing a pair of flat strappy sandals which you can happily wear during the day and into the evening. 
  • Swimwear – Whether you choose an all in one or separates, it pays to take two options so one is always dry and ready to wear. And don’t forget a sarong! 
  • Accessories – now this is often the tricky part to keep to a minimum! Try to pick jewellery that will work with all of your outfits rather than multiple options. 

When picking your capsule clothing, try to choose colours and patterns that work together. Make sure you have a few neutral items which can easily team with bolder patterns.  

Obviously you need to leave room in your suitcase for other essentials such as beach towels and toiletries, but the items above should see you through when it comes to clothing!  

If you really struggle to keep your packing to a minimum then you can always consider using vacuum packs which you can pick up quite cheaply. Though make sure the ones you buy come with a hand pump as you may not have access to a vacuum cleaner while you are away.  

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