June 22, 2015

Although most of us return from holiday with a suitcase of unworn clothes we still like to take plenty of choices, to suit all potential occasions, from smart to casual. So it’s really useful to learn to pack cleverly and make the most of the space in your suitcase. Use our top tips to help you look great throughout your holiday with minimum fuss.

1.    Vacuum Bags
Ideal for storage, and they pack down items to half their size, so more room. Simply fill the bag with folded items, attach your vacuum cleaner to the air hole and suck out the air, then twist the dial – a nice flat pack, and really great for jackets and trousers. 

2.    Think Logically
Pick and mix items that go together so it’s easy to co-ordinate outfits. Keep colours to a minimum range and trousers and jackets in neutral shades, so they go with everything else. Also choose fabrics that don’t crease a lot – then you don’t need to take a travel iron. Put on hangers as soon as you arrive.

3.    Wear Bulkier Items to Travel 
This saves weight and space in your case. Travel in heavier shoes and roll T-shirts and underwear to fit in small gaps without creasing. Put shoes into plastic bags so soles don’t mark your clothes. Travel in your sunhat!

4.    Shawls and Scarves
Ideal to replace jackets as they up less room and don’t crease – an extra layer without being bulky. 

5.    Accessorise
Wear any valuable jewellery to travel in and pack documents and essentials in your travelling handbag. As for make-up minimise and give your skin a holiday too! Just take items you can’t live without.

If you pack cleverly you’ll be able to take all you need without the stress, and think of the extra time you’ll save when you arrive – less sorting out means more beach time. And if you do forget anything it’s a great excuse to shop locally! 

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