March 25, 2015

If you are anything like me you have a wardrobe stuffed full of clothes and accessories.  At the front is the items you love and somewhere hidden at the back are those purchases that weren’t quite what you hoped, but don’t get rid of just in case! If the Spring weather has made you want to sort out the jumble in your wardrobe, check out my three essential items, before you start throwing away!
These are garments that will mix and match with any outfit and will compliment your look on any occasion.

1  Leggings
Versatile and affordable enough to have in several colours, to match or contrast. Leggings are a great extra layer to wear under dresses or skirts if you’re not a fan of tights, or with long tops and tunics. In black they are flattering and add length to an outfit and keep you warm! Best worn with low heels or pumps.

2  Vest Tops  
Again a wardrobe essential. Vest tops are obviously great as a summer top teamed with, say, a kimono to drape around shoulders, and jeans or shorts.
But they are also useful all year round wear under tops that you might feel are a bit too low, and great under wrap dresses.

3  A Really Good Dress
This is a perfect confidence booster when you have a tough day and you want to look and feel your best. The perfect dress will make you look and feel amazing. It needs to fit well, flatter your curves, and draw attention to your best bits.  When you find this amazing confidence boosting dress, buy it in several colours!

These are the items I wouldn’t be without in my wardrobe.  What are your essential items?

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