May 10, 2016

Shirts are big news this summer – ideal for that weather gap when a coat isn’t needed but you still need another layer, and one with sleeves. Best of all is that the new way to wear shirts is oversized, roomy and long, and not to be tucked in, which gives you a long line look. Versatile as they can be whatever you want them to be – tunic or jacket, and for any occasion. Here are our top five tips to nail this look.

1.    Which Fabric Is Best?
Definitely one which doesn’t crease, so not linen – as these are long and lose you need a crease resistant fabric for s smart look. Cotton and polyester blend is best, and has the bonus of being easy to wash and iron.

2.    Plain or Print?
Stripes are popular this year, but be careful of crazy prints or florals unless you think you can pull it off! - They could look like your granny’s nightie! There are collarless and collared styles, so choose your own look. Wear over a fitted top and trousers, jeans or leggings. 

3.    Love Long Sleeves 
Ideal for chilly evenings and to wear as a jacket over a skirt or summer dress. Long sleeves are great if you need protecting from the sun when it’s hot. For evening dates drape around your shoulders for later when it turns chilly.

4.    Holiday wear
Perfect for wearing over swimwear and with shorts and tee shirts, but best with flat sandals or ballet pumps for a casual look. Easy to pack and comfy to wear take several with you.

5.    For A Special Occasion 
Choose a front frilled oversized shirt for a really feminine look. Team with a mid-length pencil skirt and strappy high heels. 

Whatever your budget and style preference you must include at least one shirt in your new wardrobe for this season – try it!

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