May 16, 2016

If you love fashion you’ll already know that stripes are big news this summer, and in a wide range of widths and colours. Dresses and tops, trousers and tunics – there’s a striped version in them all. Most of us are familiar with the classic blue and white Bretton striped top, but this summer you can really experiment! So forget school uniforms and use our top tips to help you to love stripes!
 1. Classic Nautical Style 
Always a winner, especially for holiday wear is a striped tee shirt but instead of traditional blue and white try red or green and maybe a wider stripe. Team with jeans or shorts and maybe flat sandals or plimsolls.

2. Striped Trousers 
Worn with a top that echoes the colour of the stripe and in a cotton fabric, ideal for holiday wear. Choose a relaxed style, not tight fitting. With trousers opt for a narrow stripe to avoid the deck-chair look, and a top in a plain colour.

3. Dresses 
Dresses are always popular in the summer and a maxi dress with a thin vertical stripe will give you a really long-line silhouette. Or maybe a pretty red and white striped skater dress with red accessories? Dresses are great for any occasion, and this year’s stripes always look really summery.

4. Accessories
If striped clothes are not you, for how about accessories? Perfect for a beach-bag or canvas footwear; pumps or sandals. Accessories can add a touch of this trend without feeling too full on. 

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