September 02, 2017

Whether or not you believe in Astrology it’s fascinating to discover how your star sign can affect your personality and your fashion style.

This month we take a look at Virgo.  Virgos love fashion but are too level headed to adopt any crazy trends, instead developing their own personal style while at the same time using the latest looks in an understated way. Neat and organised they can appear aloof when they get involved in their work, often keeping their emotions to themselves.
Fashion wise they like to shop alone and don’t welcome advice!  Here’s our guide to the overall fashion choices that typical Virgos are likely to make.

Everyday Style
Virgos like to wear jeans but never sloppy or baggy. They would choose well-fitting styles and good brands. They would team these with a top in a simple style and never with frills or decorations. Neat and organised and never impulsive, Virgos like classic styles.

Nights Out

Although not fond of parties, Virgos still enjoy a night out with friends or select groups of people. Clubs and dressed up occasions are just not their thing but this doesn’t mean they make boring guests, and neither is their choice of outfit. Evening style is sophisticated and smart often in black with any glamour provided with an elegant piece of jewellery. They love beautiful shoes especially with high heels and strappy sandals.


Simple and understated to finish off an outfit Virgos often prefer silver to gold and like to wear rings. Belts are often a fashion favourite too. Bags tend to be large and functional in order to hold all the equipment they like to carry around with them! Their work is very important to them and their organised and analytical minds and diligence make them good employees. Not for them a tiny designer bag to just hold lipstick and keys! A mobile phone has to be with them at all times and turned on as they need to keep up to date with work and recent events.

Colour Choice

Earth coloured shades are usually their choice as are black and grey, but somehow, they can achieve a good look without being boring. A splash of colour from maybe a scarf or simple top with their usual understated choice looks smart for both work and social events. Their confidence comes from looking good without drawing attention to themselves.

Finally, Virgos make good and loyal friends and if needed to help in an emergency they will break all their usual tidy rules and go out just as they are – one style or another and nothing in between!  

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