December 05, 2018

by Chris Smith

If you were born between April 21st and May 21st your star sign is Taurus which is an earth sign and coming at the start of spring and with summer approaching many Taureans love floral prints and pretty pastels. As a feminine sign of the Zodiac you are probably very sensitive, and your sense of style is unique and very important to you. Understanding how the Zodiac influences your look can help to determine whether or not what you wear is right for you and Taureans are very aware of this.


  1. Personality
    Independent but not natural leaders neither are they followers, preferring either their own company or a small group of friends. They can be particularly stubborn.  A Taurus prefers tailored and well-fitting clothes even when that means that maybe a new trend would look great. Advice and opinions aren’t usually welcome! They take things to heart and are easily offended. They strive for success and persist until they get it.

  2. Colour and Fabrics 
    As a Taurean you probably steer away from bright colours preferring muted pastels and earth tones. Patterns and prints are usually small and delicate and often floral – and popular every season without fail. However, those with more out-going personalities will maybe choose bigger bolder prints in brighter colours. High-quality textured fabrics are their choice, such as velvet, cashmere, silk, corduroy and soft fine wool. Patient to wait for sale bargains, they are happy to wear high quality used and second-hand to get that quality look if on a budget.

  3. Day to Day Choices
    A well–fitting and tailored look is their choice for work and leisure, and not liking change, they look after their clothes, making them last. They have a gut instinct as to what suits them and instinctively seem to be able to put an outfit together.

  4. Fashion Choices for A Night Out 
    Taureans aren’t fans of hanging out in crowds and prefer spending a night with a few close friends. They always make an effort to look their best even if others choose a more relaxed style. Taurus woman will often choose a simple black skirt and pair it with a light pink or blue ruffled blouse, with high heels and accessories to match, for example. Obviously, fabrics will be of high quality.

  5. Taureans Love Accessories! 
    With a love of scarves and jewellery, they enjoy drawing attention to the neckline area. Chains and chokers of a good quality are their favourite although earrings are understated. As for footwear Taureans will always choose high heels over flats and love strappy sandals. Don’t forget a matching bag or purse. Even if outfits are neutral colours, shoes are often of jewel shades to add interest.

Trust your inner guidance whichever star sign you are although it’s interesting to see how it can influence your personal look.

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