November 01, 2017

If your birthday is between 23rd October and 21st November, your star sign is Scorpio.  Scorpio is known as a fiery and passionate sign.  So how does this impact on their sense of style?

​Let’s take a look at Scorpios and how they dress.

1. Neutral Colours
Scorpios are ambitious and are always aiming for success but discreetly! They choose stylish and well-made clothes in neutral colours and avoid bright shades and prints. Like this they blend in and are able to achieve success without appearing obvious. Animal prints and geometric designs would never have a place in their wardrobes. Classic cream and beige in summer and black and navy in winter is favourite, but they never look boring.

2. Well Groomed

Scorpios take care of their clothes, hanging them up and keeping them in good repair, which means those favourite designer and pricey pieces last for years. These simple outfits convey an air of quiet power and won’t look dated by next season unlike trendier fashions. They only keep things they really love to wear and don’t hang onto anything for sentimental value. They believe in moving on and not looking back.

3. It’s All About the Fit

In their desire not to draw attention to themselves, Scorpios avoid crazy styles, choosing well fitted or tailored pieces instead. High quality items which won’t date, and by not blowing their budget on crazy trends they can afford the odd designer piece.  Simplicity is key!

4. Putting An Outfit Together
Scorpios are excellent at knowing which items in their wardrobes look good together. They value practical basics and always dress the part, choosing to match their clothes to the weather. Their survival instincts mean wrapping up warm in winter and cool in summer no matter what others are dressed in. Shoes must be matched to bags which are kept clean and well-heeled. Jewellery is of good quality and subtle rather than blingy!

5. Never Boring 

Friends secretly envy the Scorpio style because even when the occasion calls for glamour, Scorpios get all the attention from their understated sophistication. Finally, Scorpios like to shop alone preferring to take their time and avoid bargains which they instinctively know they’ll never wear! 

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