December 03, 2017

Sagittarians are creative and adventurous in all areas of their lives and this reflects the way they choose to dress too. They know just what they like but also love to experiment with the latest looks.
Let’s take a look at what’s hanging their wardrobes!
  1. Choice Of Colours
    Dark colours are favourite for day to day wear but Sagittarians would tend to match a dark item with say cream or yellow or even bright red to make an outfit more interesting. They like to create their own look and will experiment with a riot of colours for party wear and special occasions Having said that, their style is always a combination of simplicity and sophistication.

  2. Eclectic Taste
    Their creative nature means that Sagittarians favour a unique look, often mixing colours and prints in a way you think wouldn’t work but actually ends up looking super stylish. They also like hand-made pieces, to create a more unique look.

  3. Workwear
    If choice of work-wear is optional Sagittarians will create their own smart uniform. Classic dresses and suits and a variety of well-fitting tops always give the right impression. If uniform is compulsory theirs will always be clean and tidy and worn with pride. Shoes are chosen to match and are kept clean and well maintained.

  4. Footwear
    To a Sagittarian wearing the correct shoes for the occasion is vital so their wardrobes will contain a variety of smart and casual types, from party sandals and smart courts to trainers and flats. 

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