March 10, 2018

If you were born between February 20th and March 20 your star sign is Pisces. This means (if you are typical to your sign) you are likely to be a hopeless romantic, naturally sensitive and compassionate. Let’s take a look at the fashion choices Pisceans' make and how their nature determines their style.
  1. Everyday Choices
    Pisces women love whimsical and feminine clothing even for everyday wear and will take liberties even with a formal uniform! She will add scarves and accessories in her favourite colours to a dull outfit and especially loves greens and shades of blue, a reminder of water which is the symbol of Pisces. Dresses and skirts are always first choice rather than trousers and suits.

  2. Evenings Out
    All eyes will be on the Pisces on a night out as she will dress to look magical and light up the room but in a stylish way. They take time and effort to outshine everyone else. However. this is to please themselves and not to outdo others - it’s not in their nature to cause confrontation and they make good and loyal friends.

  3. Colour Choices
    As mentioned, shades of blue and green reminiscent of water are their favourites but they also love lavender and pink - light and vibrant colours, with white and cream not being their choice. It’s the romantic in them that makes them mysterious and they like to keep friends and loved ones guessing about their next move. Putting an outfit together for any occasion is one of their top skills.
  4. Accessories
    Pisces women love accessories, choosing silver, gold and diamonds for evenings out and colourful bangles and bracelets for day-wear. High heels and open toes are their shoes of choice. 
  5. Pisceans As Friends
    Helpful and supportive when they have a friend in need, Pisces usually stop what they are doing and run to the rescue. They also hate arguments and would rather back off than risk falling out with a friend or hurting their feelings.

    So, as you can see Pisces woman has a real sense of style as well as making a great friend.

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