October 07, 2017

If you were born between September 24th and October 23rd your star sign is Libra. Libra is the only sign that’s a symbol - evenly weighted scales - rather than a living thing like a ram or a crab. Many believe that your sign affects your fashion style and in the case of Libras your wardrobe contains pieces which prepare you for every occasion.

Let’s take a look in a typical Libra closet!

  1. An Outfit for Any Situation
    You find it difficult to make decisions so you have a wide range from sequined party wear to sensible navy work clothes – just in case! However you have some seasoned favourites which you reach for again and again but your wardrobe is a mess because that final choice often takes ages. Librans are not impulsive as it’s important to them to look right, so if you’re waiting for them to get ready, patience is vital!

  2. Colour Choices
    Librans love blue and are drawn to sky colours like shades of blue and ivory. Bold and aggressive patterns don’t appeal to them. Instead they prefer soft florals and abstract shapes. The rare out of character impulse buy will probably sit there for ever! Elegant and calming pieces are the preferred choice.

  3. Librans Don’t Like to Dress Down 
    Torn jeans and sweatshirts are not their style. Jeans have a place but are neat and tidy and tops will be too. However they accept that others don’t necessarily share their views and are happy to do their own thing. 

  4. Librans Wait to Try New Looks
    Although they follow their own style with the occasional mad moment they’re not unwilling to try a new fashion but will wait to see just how good it looks on others and how long that look lasts. One other skill they possess is to be able to see the different looks that, with a few tweaks or the addition of accessories, one outfit can be adapted for several occasions.
Librans make loyal and generous friends and are happy to lend from their wide-ranging wardrobe! 

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