August 05, 2017

If you were born under the sign of Leo, fashion is very important to you and you aren’t afraid to wear the latest trends, as you like to be noticed. You love to wear big jewellery and bold patterns, and use fashion to express yourself. Confident and independent you have a warm personality and make a great friend to have!
Let’s have a look at how your sunny Leo personality influences the way you choose your wardrobe.

Your Choice of Colours
Orange, yellow and gold are often your first choice, reflecting your sunny nature. This season has been especially good for you with bright citrus colours being a popular fashion choice. Greys and browns are not for you! Dramatic black must be teamed with red or gold and for plain workwear Leos will somehow manage to sneak in maybe a sequined collar or belt.

Your Choice of Fabrics
Leather faux fur and silk reflects their luxurious tastes, such as a silk or satin shirt with a sequined collar, or maybe leather skirt or trousers. Designer labels would always be their first choice, also good-quality vintage styles from a glamorous era such as the 1930’s. Hollywood glamour would be perfect for a Leo.

Jewellery and Accessories

Big and bold but only the best will do, or at the least the best they can afford. Silver would be second choice to gold, and first choice would rare or exclusive pieces. A special new ring or necklace can lift their mood on the rare occasion when life gets them down, and generally as long as they are appreciated and noticed by those close to them Leo is happy and also like to make those around them happy too.

Fashion for A Night Out

Night time is where Leos really come into their own, especially special nights on the town. Dancing and visiting trendy clubs is their favourite entertainment second only to shopping. Brands are important and following a certain brand too. Shoes and accessories are really important and for those Leos with a smaller budget a designer bag is a compromise for a whole outfit. Animal prints also appeal, reflecting their lion symbol.

Leos are kind and generous and are good people to be friends with, as they like to share their warm personality, and forgive easily rarely holding a grudge.

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