June 03, 2017

Most of us know which astrological star sign we were born under and probably read or look online for our daily predictions, for the day ahead! Your star sign also high lights certain characteristic traits which can be uncannily correct. These reflect your moods and personality… and your style of dressing. This month we’re looking at those born between May 22nd and June 22nd and how being a Gemini can affect your shopping habits and your style.
As a Gemini you tend to be:

You can’t resist the sales and often buy a lot in of pieces because you can’t walk away from a bargain, possibly without trying them on first! You are the person who avidly keeps up with the seasonal catwalk shows and trends, and can see beyond the crazy new looks to something you could wear yourself. So if that’s you, always know your measurements and take a tape-measure when you shop, making sure you keep the receipts.

On a night out safe and conservative is not your style of dress, despite what your friends wear! You dress for you and not for them, and ignore their comments and are happy in your own skin. Probably you’ll have the best time because you’re not afraid to let your hair down and just have fun. This seasons trend for wearing bright citrus colours is just for you, forgetting all the rules about choosing shades to complement your hair, and you don’t reject mixing patterns. Guess what? You usually pull it off and look great in that bargain that everyone was too shy to pick and your friends secretly envy you!

You don’t hide that new amazing dress under your coat until you have to! You can’t wait to show everyone just how great you look. You also know how important it is to have interesting conversation and to mix with others. You need to remember that your self-confidence can be daunting to those who are shy, so show empathy to them.

On a wet Monday morning you just know that the sun will shine by lunchtime, so wear your new strappy sandals and not your wellies like everyone else! Even if you’re wrong, you have that new orange mac so why worry? Glass half full is your philosophy, and teamed with your other traits can make you an exciting and inspirational person.

So geminis do you agree?

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