June 16, 2018

by Chris Smith

Ever noticed how people who were born under the same astrological signs often have similar traits? Well the same goes for fashion styles, favourites looks and trends. If you’re a Gemini, your star symbol is the heavenly twins illustrating the two sides of your personality. Let’s take a look at how these two personality traits affect the way you instinctively choose your wardrobe.

  1. How to Spot a Gemini Girl!   
    Most likely she will be wearing some of the latest looks but will have put them together in her own unique way to get her own special look. Usually fun and bold they will choose fabrics which are easy to wash and care for. They choose styles which have a youthful look and have no scruples about dressing to show off their inner youth.

  2. Daywear 
    This may consist of dark figure fitting jeans teamed with a peasant top in a bold colour. To this they will add a bright over-sized watch and several noisy bracelets and bangles, with rings adorning every finger as they love to draw attention to their hands. However, where a uniform is compulsory they will comply although they are rule haters.

  3. Evening Wear 
    The time when Geminis can really shine and mix looks and styles, is evenings. Teaming maybe a plain mini skirt with crazy tights or leggings and a top in the latest style. Colour wise favourites include yellow, orange and magenta, and for them a winter coat is more likely to be scarlet or pink than the tradition conservative black and navy most of us choose. Party time is an excuse to outshine others in glitter and sparkle.

  4. Geminis As Friends 
    Geminis make great friends, they can motivate others and help when needed. However, they don’t like to feel tied down. While they have great communication skills, but can sometimes be a little too quick to react. 

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