January 13, 2018

by Chris Smith
If you were born between December 22nd and January 20th your star sign is Capricorn, and whether or not you believe that your date of birth effects your fashion style many do!

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is the grandfather of the zodiac and tends to take life seriously, with work being the priority and work wear the top choice of clothes. Let’s take a look in a typical Capricorn wardrobe and add a few fashion tips along the way.
  1. Practical Capricorn
    Capricorns tend to feel happiest when wearing smart clothes as opposed to leisure wear and have a knack for dressing well and appropriately for the occasion. If you need advice on what to wear for an important event such as a wedding or a job interview, ask a Capricorn - they’ll put you in something perfect to create the right impression.

  2. Economical Capricorn
    Their fashion intuition stops them from making impulsive mistakes when shopping, only buying expensive clothes when greatly reduced and even then, only if they’re sure that they really will wear them! However, this doesn’t mean that they ever dress boringly, and their style is the envy of their friends.
  3. Colourful Capricorn
    Capricorn women steer clear of bright breezy colours and eccentric designs. Grey, dark blue, brown and black are perfect for them. Also, as an Earth sign they look good in deep green and mossy colours and deep navy blue. Best dressed in smart neatly tailored styles, well-fitting but not tight, they can carry off a smart jacket and pencil skirt without looking prim and proper.
  4. Traditional Fabrics
    Elegant and essentially conservative, Capricorns can get away with wearing tweed and more traditional fabrics without looking boring. They have a knack of pairing separates to create an outfit, for instance a smart maxi dress with biker boots for a slightly edgy look, if that’s what the occasion calls for.Hard working and purposeful, Capricorns make loyal and trusted friends.

    Although sometimes they take themselves too seriously so it’s up to the more care-free signs to teach them how to lighten up!

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