July 01, 2017

If you were born between June 22nd and July 23rd your star sign is Cancer. Astrologists believe that your personality and style is determined by your birth sign. Cancer is represented by the sign of the crab, being introverts with an outer shell to protect them from the outside world!

So come on you Cancerians, let’s take a look inside that shell to see what you’re really like!
  1. Unpredictable
    You may dress in traditional layers, but despite this you have a daring side, which you choose to keep hidden for a special occasion, or person! You take a lot of time and trouble to choose your outfit each day. You prefer to shop alone, as you know exactly the look you’re aiming for, and won’t be influenced by others. No-one is going to be able to buy you clothes for presents unless they know you as well as you know your-self!

  2. Feminine Style
    Cancer women love to dress in feminine romantic clothes, with a love for soft fabrics and maybe a vintage look. Each layer is carefully chosen, sometimes for sentimental reasons, for jewellery too. Favourite colours are likely to be pearls and pastels, with fabrics being natural cotton, wool and silk.

  3. Never Boring!
    Outer appearances can fool friends, as under that shell there may be a wild side! However, cancerians are homebodies and love to relax in pyjamas in pastel colours and floral fabrics.
Cancerians by nature love to make others feel good, and are true and and loyal friends, but don’t try to change them. They know their style and are well worth getting to know. 

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