April 14, 2018

by Chris Smith

What is an Aries woman typically like and how does her birth sign affect her style and fashion choices?  While Aries are born leaders and have larger than life personalities, their independence makes them dislike taking orders from others and they are much happier to lead while others follow. However although they appear strong on the outside they are actually quite insecure underneath, putting themselves under pressure to always achieve perfection. Let’s take a look at how their personality shows in their style of dress.
  1. Fashion Trendsetters
    As an Aries your outgoing personality means you love to be noticed when you walk into the room, and your favourite colour is likely to be red. You also like black and white and the contrast between them. One of your greatest talents is being able to put together a great outfit that turns heads and your look is never boring.

  2. Everyday Fashion
    While always looking stylish, Aries also like comfort and manage to combine the two looks. Sporty or sometimes a bit masculine with a bold look they are not concerned with what others think about their style.

  3. Fashion for a Night Out
    Although Aries love to be comfortable they do love to dress up for a night out and are always the life and soul of the party, with others secretly envying their style and look. Bold colours and trendy styles are the look that others know you for and your confidence at least on the outside means you can push the limits and get away with it.

  4. Accessories
    Aries have the knack of being able to make a simple outfit special with their choice of accessories. Bold and colourful jewellery means they will be in their element this season because this is the look for spring and summer 2018. They also love hats and hair accessories the bolder and more original the better. Hoop earrings are shown off with hairstyles which are pulled back off the face.

  5. Aries As Friends
    Loyal and reliable be prepared to accept them the way they are – they aren’t happy to be offered advice but underneath all that bravado they are as vulnerable as the rest of us. So, don’t try to change them just be there when they need a shoulder to cry on.

Are you an Aries? Is this true for you?

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