February 08, 2016

Red is the colour of love and as Valentine ’s Day comes around again, we look at how red can be an amazing colour to wear. Even if you’re single and don’t want to celebrate on 14th February, you can still enjoy wearing it to bring some colour into these dull winter days. Even if you normally don’t think it suits you there’s a shade to suit all skin tones. So we’ve collected our top four tips to show you how you can enjoy wearing red and ways it lifts your mood.

1.Red Is For Energy
Wearing red on a grey Monday morning whether it’s just a nice cosy scarf or jumper can lift your mood, and feel ready to take on a new week. Experiment with the palette of shades and choose yellowy based tones if you have warm hair and skin tones. For those with cooler complexions blue based shades work best. Red was really popular for winter coats a couple of years ago and last year pink which broke all the coats-must-be-dark rules!

2.Start With A Splash!
It’s no coincidence that red is a favourite colour with celebs on the red carpet because it inspires confidence and spells glamour. For us mere mortals, red can boost you confidence. A red dress can make you stand out for all the right reasons and a special occasion really memorable.

Red Shoes and Accessories
If you still feel a bit wary of wearing red how about using it for accessories? You can turn boring into amazing with a red bag and beautiful heels and maybe a string of beads or bracelet. Don’t forget maroon and raspberry – not just pillar box and scarlet shades. For after work socialising transform a boring uniform suit or dress with a red shrug or shawl and those red accessories, and you’ll be ready to party.

As you can see red really can bring out your confidence and make you feel a million dollars!

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