August 14, 2015

In an ideal world summer should be hot and sunny and perfect for a festival – and maybe it will be! But you need to be realistic and prepare to have fun whatever. To do this you need to plan your wardrobe to suit whatever the weather brings, and a fail safe emergency kit! So here are our top three practical tips to have the ultimate festival experience.


1.    What do I wear?
Fun clothes which you can layer to suit all temperatures. Flowing skirts and dresses in crazy patterns and colours are typical festival wear. In a climate as diverse as ours it’s a chance to dress a bit crazy! Ditch your usual style and go for kooky! Or wear your jeans but team them with bright tops and shirts that you can add layers to or remove. For chilly evenings a poncho is great and also a lightweight waterproof jacket- pack a couple of pairs of thick socks, wet feet aren’t fun.

2.    Footwear and Accessories
High heels are a definite no no for a festival – trainers are likely to be far more comfortable. Wellies are a must if it’s likely to be muddy, and these days come in all sorts of pretty patterns and bright colours. Wear them around first to make sure they are a comfortable fit.  If you have wide calves go for ankle length wellies.
Your bag needs to be roomy as you’ll need to pack in a lot of supplies – and one which you can wear on you all the time. Go over the top with beads dangly earrings and rings to complete the Bohemian festival look.

3.    Other Essentials
A money belt is a great idea as it can be hard to keep your valuables safe in the middle of a crowd.  Baby wipes and a loo roll are a good idea too as festival toilets are notoriously gross! A plastic poncho, something you might never normally consider, is invaluable if sunshine turns to storms. For hot weather a large hat is essential, also a high factor sun cream. A simple medical kit is a must and a pair of cheap sunglasses - don’t risk losing your Raybans!

And don’t forget to let your hair down and have a fun festival experience.

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