July 18, 2019

by Jade Fothergill
It hasn’t escaped our notice here at Apples & Pears that many of us have plus-size men in our lives, and while plus-size brands and models have been making waves in the women’s fashion industry in recent years, so too quite quietly, have some big menswear brands
While slim, slim, slim is still very much ‘in’ for women, men have traditionally had a choice of one of two ‘norms’ – athletic and chisel-jawed or pumped-up action-man stereotype. But most men don’t fall into either category, and as the average waist size of British men is 38 inches, that means a lot of men are going to be bigger than that! (The same logic applies, of course, when thinking about the average dress size of British women!).
Refreshing then, to see some big, beautiful men advertising fashion on our screens. These are the brands that have caught our eye:

Perhaps the best known plus-size menswear brand, Jacamo’s slogan is ‘Any Man. Any Occasion.’ And as they have clothes from S-5XL, that’s not an empty promise. Freddie Flintoff has modelled for them in the past, but we’re loving the current adverts with the dad in the pool. 

Bad Rhino
A Peterborough based brand that launched in 2015, these guys cater up to an 8XL and it isn’t all ‘basics’ either: Lots of on-trend and high-quality items available, and their models showcase a variety of plus-size men’s body shapes. Especially great if you care about buying British!

An American brand pushing back against the myth that big guys don’t care about style. Their website is packed with articles, blogs, photos and podcasts: It was their interview with Zack Miko – often described as the first male plus size model – that launched his career. 

One Bone   
This international brand started out making custom-fit t-shirts for big men, and they have a great range of t-shirts, tank tops and hoodies. They are all about the cut of their clothes and the community they embrace. 

Raging Bull 
This brand was created by Phil Vickery (who knew?!) and we’ll be honest – it wasn’t on our radar at all until some of our lovely plus-size male Twitter followers told us all about it. Lots of preppy leisure gear (as you’d expect from a rugby legend) but some lovely blazers, shorts and shirts too and sizes go up to 6XL.

Of all the ‘mainstream’ brands the one we’re consistently hearing is hitting the mark is ASOS’ Plus Men, which launched in 2016. Sizes go up to 8XL and, as you would expect from ASOS, they are on-trend and super affordable.

Where does your plus size man get his clothes? What are his beefs with the plus size clothing industry? Do let us know! 

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