September 01, 2014

The bride might be your best friend or your dearest relative but from the moment that invitation drops through your letter box, what to wear will probably be uppermost in your mind – especially if dressing up takes you out of your comfort zone. Casual or formal, Church register office or even a more relaxed venue, you will still wonder what should I wear? What’s more how do you look fabulous and confident without upstaging the bride? Here are my five tips to help you choose the perfect outfit.

1.    Dress for a long day

A wedding followed by a reception means a long day of possibly several changes of temperature. So whether it’s formal or more relaxed, layers are a good option. A pretty dress or skirt and top with a light jacket is a great choice. A shrug is also perfect to tuck in your bag in case the evening is cool.

2.    Accessorise

Being a wedding guest can be an expensive business, and if you have several wedding to go to this summer it can really add up.  However with good accessories one dress can see you through. A new pair of shoes, scarf or a statement bag can really change an outfit. A good bag should be large enough to hold that shrug, plus your phone, tissues (if you get emotional at weddings) and other essentials.

3.    Don’t Upstage the Bride!

Unless there is a strict dress code, it can be tricky to work out how dressed up you are expected to be. Whether it is a church wedding or register office a wedding is a great opportunity to dress up, but its best to avoid white and cream – leave that to the bride.

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