January 06, 2018

Whatever your budget it’s nice to pick a few items each season from the latest fashions to stay up to date. Well Autumn and winters’ styles this year are warm comfortable and easy to wear, and are available both on the High Street and on-line. So let’s take a look at our top choices, things that you simply must have!

1. A Really Thick, Cosy Over-Sized Jumper
With long roomy sleeves for warm wrists and a high, floppy roll or cowl neck, this type of jumper in a soft non-itchy fabric is perfect for wearing with midi-skirts, trousers or jeans. This season’s colours are bright and cheerful – red, orange and yellow – sometimes with all three together and patterns are big news too. Keep the rest of your outfit plain and stream-lined. Hand wash using fabric conditioner and hang to dry if possible to keep the shape.

2. A Brightly Coloured Long Scarf
If your coat is plain and dark then a beautiful multi-coloured scarf can transform it. Some of the newest examples have teamed colours that would normally clash such as pink and orange but somehow this year they work well! The benefit of length is that you can wind it round your neck several times for maximum warmth. Again, choose one in a soft non-itch fabric. Choose gloves to match.

3. Fabric Boots
Maybe not as practical as wellies or leather but for dry days and evenings out this seasons’ calf length or short fabric boots are a whole new look. Many have embroidered panels and have a comfortable stretchy top, perfect if you have problems finding boots which are roomy. The more expensive choices are made of velvet. Again if you have a plain dark coat, a pair of these in a beautiful colour and print can transform it and their glamorous look makes them acceptable for evening wear too.

4. A Coloured Belt
In tune with this seasons’ fashions are brightly coloured and make a plain dress interesting. Again patterned and embroidered and quite wide are the latest look. Another great look are exotic coats. Highly patterned and coloured these are more for occasion wear, especially the embroidered styles. 

Some of these new looks will brighten up outfits you already have and hopefully make those drab winter days a bit more colourful.

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