February 10, 2018

This winter is turning out to be extra cold and whether you’re a fan of hats or not a cosy head really does help you to generally feel that bit warmer all over. This winter luckily, there are plenty of styles to choose from.

​Forget granny hats and think of choosing fun or stylish hat that also keeps you warm and dry. Here’s our guide to our favourite top five...
  1. Beanie Hats
    We all love the beanie, originating from the early twentieth century and so called after the slang term for ‘head’. They fit close to your head and over your ears and you can tuck your hair under or leave a few tendrils out if you want. They are knitted and come in various thicknesses and every colour of the rainbow. You can buy them very cheaply but it’s worth paying a bit more for one which will keep its’ shape and not shrink or stretch.

  2. Bobble Hats
    These have really taken off this winter. These are usually roomier and pull down to your neck for extra warmth, so no drafty gaps. These often have a turn up hem which will go over your ears. The size of bobble on the top is up to you with the fashion being quite large and made of faux fur. Colour wise, they come in a rainbow of choices so have several to choose from to brighten up you plain winter coats.

  3. Berets
    French design in origin and more stylish than cosy these are big on the catwalk this season and still warmer than a bare head! Wear flat or at a jaunty angle! Made of wool or felt they are ideal to wear with smart clothes when a beanie or bobble just won’t cut it!

  4. Headscarves
    Reminiscent of Thelma and Louis, a thick head scarf is a good choice if you don’t fancy an actual hat. Easy to wear with a few hair tendrils framing your face, a beautiful colourful headscarf has an air of mystery about it. Also your hairstyle is more likely to stay intact when you remove your scarf. Experiment with the way you tie it to give you maximum warmth in the most stylish way.

  5. Cossack Hats
    The ultimate in warm hats, made of faux fur these come in all sorts of colours from classic brown to red and blue, they sit high on your head and cover your ears. Worn in Russia they are intended for Arctic temperatures and would look rather odd with an anorak, so need to team with a long stylish coat and boots. Perfect for outdoor events!
So, make your choice and learn to love hats and warm heads!

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