February 21, 2021

By Chris Smith 

​For the first time in a few years, this winter’s coats are making a statement! 

Warmth doesn't need to be sacrificed for style. A good-looking coat is an essential item for everyone’s wardrobe. Colour-wise, forget miserable navy, black and grey and think bright colours and patterns, guaranteed to make dull winter days a bit brighter. 
1. Thick Blanket Style
So-called because they wrap around you and have high deep collars and roomy sleeves. Midi or maxi length they are often un-belted, the ultimate warm and comfortable coat. Woollen and thick and often with a checked pattern in several different colours. 

2. Parka Style
You may already be a fan of the Parka look. Like jeans, they never go out of fashion. This year they come in a rainbow of different colours although khaki and black are still the most popular. They are warm and cosy, although the better the quality the more waterproof they will be. The hoods stop chilly necks and you can wear them with just about anything.

3. Padded 
Unlike traditional fitted coats which don’t allow you to wear many layers underneath these do and another plus point is that you can wash them at home. The pockets of padded fabric traps the warm air inside. With big collars and midi length their roominess means they are the cosiest type of coat. In a wide range of colours padded coats will win you over if we have a hard winter.

4. Glamour! 
If you love a smart and glamorous coat these are there too. This season you’ll find embroidered sleeves and large turned down collars edged with faux fur. For a really glam feel, opt for velvet or corduroy, slightly fitted. Wear with knee high boots or high heels in a colour to match. They have a fifties glamorous look combined with the lightweight modern fabrics of today. 

So now you’ve chosen your new coat, invest in some gloves and a warm scarf. Maybe a hat to match? To be warm and fashionable is well worth treating yourself.   

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