February 11, 2017

​Cold air can play havoc with your skin in winter - icy winds and then central heating can dry out your complexion causing sore and itchy patches. We’ve put together our five top tips to help you keep your skin in top condition throughout the winter and to protect it from getting chapped and dry.

  1. Moisturise!
    Adjust your moisturiser to a richer heavier one than you normally use, checking that it’s suitable for your skin type. Keep a small pot in your handbag so that you can apply it several times a day, and especially before you go outside. Use a gentle scrub or exfoliator a couple of times a week and maybe an enriched face mask weekly. Remember to give your throat and neck the same attention too as these areas are also often exposed. Also, tuck a thin silk scarf under the neck of your jumper- woollens can chafe and irritate.

  2. Keep Warm, But Don’t Overheat
    Coming into a hot atmosphere from a freezing outdoors can feel lovely, but the change in temperature can dry and irritate your skin and cause flushing and dry patches. Rather keep the heating at a comfortable level and put on an extra jumper. Also, it’s better to have a warm but not hot shower or bath as hot water can damage delicate areas. Don’t forget a good all over application of body butter to keep your skin silky soft.

  3. Lips
    Give your lips extra attention to avoid them becoming chapped – lips are always exposed to the elements and can easily split and crack, especially at the corners. So moisturise these too and always have a tin of Vaseline and a lip balm stick with you at all times and apply throughout the day – you need both, as Vaseline doesn’t moisturise, it just provides a protective layer, so use lip balm under it. If you wear lipstick, choose a moisturising one.

  4. Knees and Elbows
    It’s easy to ignore areas that are always covered and if you tend to lean on your elbows or kneel a lot these parts can get rough and sore. So, give them a gentle rub with a pumice stone every time you have a bath or shower, then massage with a thick lotion. If they become discoloured treat with a layer of face mask once a week.

  5. Hands and Feet
    Apply lots of hand cream every time you wash your hands. Choose a non-greasy type. For especially dry hands wear a pair of light cotton gloves to sleep in, to lock in the moisture. Cold feet can result in painful chilblains, and cracked heels. Again, apply a thick body butter and always wear thick socks or tights. Sleep in socks and wear slippers indoors. Dry hands and feet really well and really massage that lotion in!

Finally, drink plenty of water as staying well-hydrated really helps your skin. Looking after your skin will ensure that you look your best when spring finally comes.  

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