March 11, 2017

Sore lips can make for a miserable winter, making drinking hot drinks and even smiling uncomfortable. With cold winds and lack of care the thin and delicate skin can be easily damaged. Once this sensitive layer becomes dry and flaky it can easily crack and bleed, and become really sore. So we’ve put together our four top helpful tips so that you’ll be ready to greet the spring with a smile!

  1. Exfoliate
    Getting rid of dead skin cells on lips helps to prevent a build –up, which changes in temperature can cause. Just a few minutes of care after a bath or shower when your skin is moist is all it takes, and doesn’t require any expensive products or procedures- simply rub a dry face flannel or towel gently over your lips and do this a couple of times a week, then follow with our next tip.
  2. Hydrate
    In other words moisturise! It’s well worth buying a good quality lip-balm and keeping it with you at all times, and not just applying it before you go out. So after exfoliating apply a layer, and again before bedtime. If you’re prone to cold sores ask your local pharmacist to recommend the best product so that you don’t have them more than once. The virus that causes can be hard to get rid of and is catching.
  3. Extra Care
    If you need a bit more than lip-balm you can buy specialist lip formulas, or you can opt for the easy and inexpensive solution, which is to use the cream that you use on your eyes – both areas are delicate and require the same rich but non-greasy ingredients which prevent wrinkles and cracks.
  4. Break Your Bad Habits
    If you have a bad habit of licking or biting your lips stop now! A flavoured lip-balm can help to remind you that you’re doing it! Don’t forget to keep on with your lip care even when winter is over.  The sun can also dry out the skin and cause blistering, so it’s essential to wear a special lip balm that contains SPF for ultimate protection. If you find that you develop splits at the corners of your mouth you may need to invest in a vitamin and iron supplement – it’s easy to get run-down in the winter.

So as you can see, with a bit of care you’ll have beautiful lips for the spring.

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