August 19, 2017

To many of us an invitation to a special occasion such as a wedding, graduation or smart summer party can prevent a big dilemma – ‘what am I going to wear?’ Hair and make-up also need to be a bit special too. Obviously if your budget isn’t a problem you have a wider choice but most important is what feels comfortable for what is often a long day.

Confidence comes from feeling happy with what you are wearing and in the case of a wedding don’t upstage the bride!

​Here’s our simple guide to having a great day.

1. An Outfit That You Love
Choose the type of item and style that you normally wear, so if you’re a dress person select a favourite that makes you feel good. Very formal occasions sometimes have a dress code you need to consider, whereas receptions and parties tend to be more relaxed. Take a matching jacket or pashmina with you in case its chillier than you anticipated. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but choose a fabric which doesn’t crease, and in which you’ll be comfortable in whatever the temperature.

2. Separates
If dresses aren’t for you, individual items are a great way to create a classy look. Trousers with a pretty fitted top, peplum styles can look great with trousers. Tuxedo jackets are also smart for those who prefer less girly clothes. Or a high waisted mid length swirly skirt with a plain top creates a simple but stunning look.

3. Consider the Climate
If you’re jetting off somewhere hot for a special event, a loose floaty style that won’t cling in the heat is best, and in a lightweight cooling natural fabric like cotton. To keep your face cool, a wide brimmed hat can look really stylish (if you are someone who likes hats). Keep hair simple and away from your face. If the weather is cold choose a lightweight coat which tones or matches the rest of your outfit, remembering that big events often involve waiting around outside and being cold with chattering teeth is never good!

4. Footwear
Beautiful shoes are a vital part of any special outfit, but they must be comfortable. Consider whether you can walk safely in them and if they are a good fit. It’s always a good idea to take a pair of flats with you for the evening. Wear new shoes at home several times to get used to them before the big event.

5. Finally…
Keep hair simple and make-up too. If you don’t normally wear much make-up keep it to a minimum, you want to look like you, not someone else. If you really want to glam-up and don’t have a friend who can do your make up for you, try a department store make up counter make-over, often free or for a small fee or purchase of a product.

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