April 15, 2017

If you love to wear nail polish all the time it’s easy to simply remove the old and reapply new without looking after your nails underneath. Over time they will become weak and brittle, and will then take a long time to recover. With a few minutes care on a regular basis you can keep them in top condition, and without having to buy expensive products. So let’s get back to basics – use our five top tips to get beautiful healthy nails.

Nails with Ridges
Sometimes caused by using strong cleaning products or an injury, such as trapping them in a door. Help to restore them by applying a specialist treatment that’s designed to smooth and plump out the nail, and keep hands and cuticles well moisturised. It’s also worth buying a course of multi-vitamins, in case your diet lacks certain nutrients. For wet and dirty jobs wear rubber gloves, and slather on the hand cream at bedtime.

Weak Nails
It’s frustrating if your nails break easily. Again you do need to buy a specialist treatment but do a bit of research to see what various products contain.  High street chemists have many good solutions at much cheaper prices than nail salons. The key ingredients are calcium and keratin, and they work by strengthening and promoting fast growth. You simply paint them on instead of your usual base coat and protect as well as nourish.

Cuticle Care
Dry and ragged cuticles can make even healthy nails look lacklustre, and they can get really sore too. Don’t be tempted to use a metal tool to push them back, which manicure sets often include. Half-moon cuticles is what you’re aiming for, and they make your nails look longer. Also don’t cut your cuticles, just keep up the moisturising.  You can use a cuticle stick to push them back after you’ve applied a cuticle cream. All of these treatments take a few weeks to work, but only take a few minutes every day.

Filing Nails
Never file before removing nail polish and only use an emery board, not a metal file. File to an oval shape if you have short nails. Lastly always file from the outside towards the centre and only file in one direction.

Keep up the good work! – Now you have healthy attractive nails keep up the care you’ve established. If you love wearing polish give them a rest without from time to time. Choose a good quality nail polish. Also apply hand cream several times a day to keep hands looking good too.  So this summer, enjoy beautiful nails and experiment with some beautiful colours.

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