August 07, 2017

​The weather has been great this summer, so far, for outdoor events and perfect for music festivals, even Glastonbury! With more to come let’s hope long and warm summer days continue well into the autumn, but the great British weather is nothing if not unpredictable!

In order to have a great time, rain or shine, a bit of forward planning is a good idea to make sure you have all those essentials whilst minimising the amount of luggage you load yourself down with.

Here’s our three point guide to help you.

  1. Clothes
    Festival fashion is relaxed and anything goes!  It’s a chance to try the type of look you don’t normally go for - try out a new style. Kaftans and maxi dresses are comfortable and cool. Choose bright jewel colours and crazy patterns, and add beads and bangles. If it does turn chilly you can add a T-shirt underneath. Kimono tops are also good with jeans or leggings. Shorts and combat trousers in dark colours which won’t show marks and spills are also good. Layers are the secret, which you can take on or off, depending on the weather. Wear a waterproof warm jacket to travel in – nights in a tent are chilly!

  2. Hair
    Your biggest asset is dry shampoo, and a simple hairstyle, which you can customise with ribbons or artificial flowers to get the festival look. If your hair is long try plaits and ponytails. Maybe hats are not your thing but you really need a large sunshade type, to avoid sunburn, and a waterproof one. Forget your normal beauty routine and just enjoy the freedom, and keep your make up basic. Don’t forget moisturiser – preferably with an SPF. When back home again, give your hair a treat with a special nourishing conditioner.

  3. Footwear
    Obviously, wellies are a must, nuisance as they are if it turns out dry and sunny, but wet and cold feet spoil the whole event. Travel in them to be on the safe side. Flip flops can easily come off and get lost especially if it’s muddy and ballet pumps too. Sandals with straps that will stay on are best. Never wear new shoes without testing then out before you go – sore blistered feet are miserable. With all the walking that you’ll do keep heels low, and don’t forget to pack a thick pair of socks for chilly nights.

So, with our guide and your sunglasses and sunblock, all packed into a rucksack which you can carry with you comfortably relax and have fun, whatever the weather.

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