September 21, 2015

With so many shapes and styles to choose from finding your favourite style can be quite a task. Here’s our guide to the top five looks and how to find which suits you best.

1.    Skinny Jeans
As mum as fashion editors try to persude us to try different fits, skinny jeans continue to be extremely popular. Mainly because providing they’re a good fit they can be really comfortable and flattering. Classic denim is combined with Lycra to give you a streamlined shape. 

2.    Flares
Making their entrance at the end of summer, they’re likely to be everywhere this autumn and winter. After skinny shapes they can take a bit of getting used to! Fitted on the waist and hips then widening down the legs and often bell bottoms brushing your shoes they’re a real return to the seventies! Wear with boots or chunky heels. 

3.    Culottes
More a summery fashion but made in a heavier fabric could be worn with chunky shoes into autumn. They hang like wide shorts, and if wide like a divided skirt. Team with opaque tights when it gets cooler.

4.    Harem Pants
Comfortable and flattering they fit at your waist, flowing over your legs until they become slimmer again at your ankles. Usually made in light fabrics they allow movement without being too baggy, their popularity this summer will take them into this winter’s fashion styles. Dress the up with heels for a smarter look.

5.    Tailored
As part of a suit or as separates these are for smart or work wear. Fitted on the waist and hips leg shape and width varies, with a good fit and good quality fabric making them smart and for work and occasion wear. Often with a permanent front crease they look good with heels or boots, and suit any shape if well fitting.

With so many styles why not try something new for autumn! 

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