August 19, 2018

by Chris Smith

Nobody wants to spend precious holiday time re-ironing the contents of their suitcase when they check into their hotel room – even if they take a travel iron with them. Much better to pack well in the first place so that all you need to do is to shake and hang. Certain fabrics emerge better than others, linen being especially prone to crumpling. Let’s take a look at the various ways to pack. ​

Lie each garment face down bring the sides to the middle folding into thirds. Then fold the bottom few inches up and then fold the lot in half to form a squarish shape that will stack easily in your case. 

This is especially popular for those who taking just a few items away in a backpack or rucksack when folding flat is impossible. Also, rolling works better than folding in a suitcase allowing you to fit more in. Follow our guide to folding (above) until you have a rectangle shape then roll into a tight sausage.

Bundle Up
Popular for larger items such as jackets, which tend to come out un-creased. However, it will only work if done properly. First put underwear in a small bag and put to one side. Then take your largest items such as jackets and dresses from the largest to the smallest on top, lay them flat one
on top of each other. Now once you’ve formed a pyramid fill in all the spaces with small bags of socks underwear and items which don’t crease.

​Folding and rolling work well for cotton, denim and polyester fabrics. Bundling, if done carefully can work really well, although can take up more space in your case.  Easily creased fabrics such as linen don’t tend to fare so well, so chose your holiday wardrobe carefully.
Be careful unpacking when you arrive at your hotel too.  Shake and hang clothing when you arrive, and any creases will drop out. If any items are creased hang and place in a steamy bathroom.  So, pack well and enjoy your holiday!

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