March 24, 2018

There’s a wide range of new styles for footwear this spring and summer and whatever your preference you’re sure to find something to love. Whether you verge towards the impractical or tend to go for comfortable and traditional look, use our guide to find the perfect pair.

  1. Cowboy Boots
    To go with this seasons’ shorter hems and mini-skirts these will be a great look especially through festival months. In all colours and patterns the trend for different fabrics continues, with embroidered patterns and lovely bright colours.

  2. White
    White sandals are always great in summer, reminding us of holidays and pretty dresses. Forget the slightly old-fashioned image associated with white shoes. The strappy styles are the ones to go for with maybe some chains and low fronts to show off your toes. The downside is that it’s really easy to mark white shows so buy special cleaner to keep them bright white.

  3. New Trainer Styles
    This seasons styles have thick soles and are highly detailed and embellished with glitter and bows and in all sorts of colours. Perfect if comfort is your thing. These will look great with this seasons skirts.

  4. Stiletto Pumps
    These have an 80’s-style look about them! Heels are very high, and toes pointed, so they might not be the most comfy option for a long day at work.  Stilettos are a smart shoe and are ideal for dressed up events such as summer weddings and parties. The thing that makes them so 2018 is the rainbow of colours they come in.

  5. Feathers
    Big news for both clothes and shoes this summer. Maybe not the most practical decoration for footwear but there are some really pretty styles around.
Bright, colourful and a bit wacky – the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a beautiful new pair of shoes.

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