February 17, 2018

Now we’re halfway through February spring really is just around the corner, although it may not seem like it with freezing temperatures and dark evenings.

​So, we all need a boost and what better way than to look forward to new trends and ideas in the beauty and fashion world? Let’s take a look at five predictions for spring and summer 2018.
  1. Hairstyles
    Long hair is out! Instead pixie cuts and crop styles will be the new look, pleasing all hair stylists, as maintenance of these looks frequent trims to keep it looking it’s best! These close cut sculptured styles, think Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, emphasise the shape of your face and highlight your cheekbones. However, if you feel this is too daring, but you still fancy going shorter, try a sleek bob.

  2. Nail Art
    With nail bars doing a roaring trade and beautiful talons being part of many women’s beauty routine, the look for this season will be crystal jewels and embellishments, the more glittery and sparkly the better! Colours of polish will be darker, from glossy greys to glamorous combinations of black and silver in pretty patterns. However, if you prefer a more natural look go for shorter neater nails and paint in nude or pale pink glossy varnish.

  3. Eyes
    Eyeliner takes on a whole new surrealist look, using it to draw around the eyes with wild abandon instead of sticking to the lash line. Models on the catwalk had encircled eyes in almond shaped rings or zigzags above their eyelids, and generally a heavier more made-up look.

  4. Purple
    This big colour for spring/ summer is stunning ultra violet.  All shades of purple from palest lilac to deep indigo will be everywhere. There’s a shade for every occasion!

  5. Bags and Accessories
    Even with short new hairstyles hairgrips and slides will be big news, worn above each ear and embellished with pearls and crystals. For longer hair wrap scarves around ponytails or try decorative alice bands.
    Footwear and bags will have a smart military look, simple and elegant. The shoe boots made of fabric and embroidered in bright colours which were popular last year will continue. Wedge heels and ankle straps are there too, with a lot of styles decorated once again with jewels and sequins.
So as you can see, this season is going to be stylish and glamorous once we get the cold and dark of the winter out of the way! 

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