March 03, 2018

A job interview is always stressful, even if you’re more than qualified to be successful. First impressions can make or break your chances, sometimes the only way is to ‘fake it til you make it’. Let’s take a look at our top four tips to ensure you impress!
  1. Get Your Outfit Right
    Wearing an outfit that you love and knowing you look good can give you that extra confidence to really win them over. A smart jacket is always a good start and looks professional, and that you’ve made some effort to impress. Pair it with a skirt, plain dress or fitted trousers. The important thing is to wear whatever you’re most comfortable in providing you give an appearance of having taken trouble. This way you will be able to relax and concentrate on the interview itself and not on how you look. Smart shoes or boots, cleaned of course, complete the look.

  2. Entering the Room –Confidently!
    When we feel confident we automatically relax, and this gives a good impression to the person who’s interviewing us, whereas nerves make us shrink into ourselves. So be aware of the way you walk into the room and smile and try to appear at ease. Prepare beforehand with some deep breathing and imagine yourself succeeding! Also remember; be true to yourself and answer honestly, while speaking slowly and give yourself time to answer

  3. Prepare Beforehand
    Get a friend to help and play the interviewer. This way they can tell you where you’re going wrong and if you’re saying too many ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’. Really concentrate and don’t just say ‘yes’ either to what you are experienced to do or what you enjoy doing. Also get your friends’ opinion of your outfit. Smile above all and be friendly!

  4. Voice
    Don’t worry about ‘talking posh’- your normal accent is fine, just speak clearly and confidently, and don’t rush. If you really worry about your tone of voice make a recording and play back so you can hear how you really sound. But don’t let it make you more nervous.
So, preparation is key, while not forgetting that if you really want that job you are the best person for it- just make your interviewer believe that too!

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