January 27, 2018

With gloomy skies dark, mornings and freezing temperatures January and February makes most of us feel blue.

Whether you are a victim of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) due to the lack of sun and light or just plain fed up there are several ways to beat the winter blues. We have chosen our top five ideas which may help to lift your spirits.
  1. Light Boxes, Lamps and Salt Lamps
    Many people find light boxes a real help, by emitting light to replicate sunshine, when you sit in front of it for a certain time each day. In the case of salt lamps they help to neutralise negative ions in the atmosphere and they give out a lovely calming orange glow. Although expensive they are well worth a try.

  2. Dress for Warmth
    Although obvious, wearing lots of heavy clothes can make you feel weighed down so instead choose several light layers, proven to keep you warmer as the warm air is trapped between the fabrics - cosy without being so bulky. Also wrap up indoors instead turning up the thermostat – maybe wear fleecy pyjamas or a onesie and thick woolly socks. Over-heating also makes you sluggish and tired so keep moving even if that means putting on an up-beat CD and dancing!

  3. Go Outside
    Instead of hugging the radiator wrap up warm and go for a brisk walk. Even if you only go around the block the change of scene and exercise will lift your mood. Too wet to venture out? Tackle some early spring cleaning. By achieving something useful you will end the day feeling more positive.

  4. Plan a Springtime Treat for February
    Having something to look forward to often helps, especially if you go with a friend, maybe someone who you haven’t seen for a while so that you can catch up and share memories. Pick up the phone and do it today! A shopping trip always helps to beat the gloom.

  5. Fill Your Life with Colour
    Science has proved that surrounding yourself with colours can lift your mood and those around you. Sunshine shades help you to feel more positive, with yellow being the colour of joy, orange for enthusiasm and red energising. Green helps to promote calm so take a trip to the garden centre and treat yourself to some greenery. Bright clothes cheer you up!

If all else fails try to remind yourself that spring really is just around the corner.

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