March 07, 2016

We all carry bulging handbags, more often than not with things we don’t actually need, instead the emergency items that could really come in useful! If you really think carefully and only carry really handy things you might even be able to downsize your bag! We’ve put together a list of our top five items to help you.

1.    Medical Kit
In a small plastic purse or even a pencil case put some plasters or Microporous tape, some pain-killers and may some cotton wool. You’re going to need these one day for sure. A pocket pack of tissues always comes in handy too.

2.    A Mini-Sized Or Penlight Sized Torch
Invaluable when you’re standing at your front door in the dark and can’t find your keys. OK you can use the illuminated screen on your mobile phone but a torch is still brighter.

3.    Phone Charger
We’re all addicted to our phones and it’s always on those days when we’re working a long day and need to make that important call that the battery needs charging. So in your lunch-break, with your spare charger in your bag you never need to worry about losing your life-line again!

4.    Mini Sewing Kit
Many High Street stores sell these in the holiday accessories section. Very small and compact, usually containing a tiny pair of scissors, you must definitely have one of these in your bag. Remember when you use the items, which you definitely will, to replace them!

5.    Pack of Post-It Notes and Pen
So useful for jotting down reminders, and with their sticky backing you can actually fix them onto wherever you’re most likely to remember when you get home.
So as you can see with our list to help you, your bag can contain all those emergency items as well as glasses, make-up and cash.

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