November 09, 2019

by Jade Fothergill
Here at Apples and Pears we must confess to being very new to the world of podcasts – Jade’s initiation was just recently when she was kidnapped by a friend and taken to the London Podcast Festival to watch a live recording of The Guilty Feminist. It was a revelation and now of course, she’s obsessed and introduced us all to the joy of a good podcast! So, we felt it was the perfect time to search out the best podcasts dealing with plus size fashion, fitness and foibles. Here’s a selection for you to try:

Yes& Body Politics

This is a podcast hosted by Tresla Friedrick and Guru Shabd, who are passionate about body positivity and empowering people. They use their podcast as an opportunity start conversations about self-esteem, image, pressures, fashion, love, sex, feminism and more. Recent episodes have covered topics like being fat-shamed by a medical professional, fat acceptance versus fat inclusion and mental health. It’s a refreshing, funny and thought-provoking listen.

Love Your Bod Pod

A podcast all about intuitive eating, female empowerment, body acceptance and saying goodbye to diet culture. Cara Carin Cifelli is your host - she describes herself as a holistic health coach, author, speaker and avocado toast lover! Reviews describe this podcast as ‘revolutionary’ and ‘impactful’ and topics have included eating disorders, the connection between abusive pasts and body image and how the pursuit of health does not necessarily have to mean the pursuit of weight-loss. Really interesting and well-researched stuff this.

Fat Girls Club

Liesl Binx (owner of a plus size fashion brand) & Jessica Torres talk about their everyday experiences as fat women from funny anecdotes to embarrassing moments they want to forget. They describe themselves as two fat best friends who love to talk about fashion, life, love and everything in between. Lots of content on plus size fashion and the fashion industry’s treatment of plus size women, interesting and high-profile guests and honest, down-to-earth chat about everything from books to emotional eating to self-care. We love it.

Drippin Curvez

A very American take on plus size living, the pros and cons of plus size dating and the stigma plus size women – in particular plus size black women - face throughout life, this podcast is a whirlwind of fun. It’s hosted by Angelice and Tommie from Detroit and they don’t hold back! Getting five star reviews and covering topics from sex to credit issues to veganism, it’s not for the faint-hearted!

Fit Has No Size

This is hosted by Coach Tulin, who is a plus size health and fitness motivator and mentor and advocates for those starting or re-engaging in fitness. Her mantra is “fit has no size” and she’s dedicated to bridging the gap between plus size women and the health and fitness industry. She’s been a plus size model and worked for plus size brands in the past and is adamant that us plus-size girls are not relegated to the ‘before’ photo in a magazine article. We haven’t heard much from her in the last year, but there are plenty of episodes available from before then that are well worth a listen.
Let us know your favourites too.

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