October 17, 2016

There’s a whole range of looks to choose from this season. Forget boring wintery dark colours and think beautiful patterns, prints and florals, and in a wide range of jewel bright colours – all designed to forget the dark days of winter, and to challenge our ideas of what winter fashions normally look like!

​We’ve chosen our top five new looks. Mix and match, if you dare! 
Winter Florals
What better way to forget its winter than with beautiful floral prints- a real reminder of summer. Dresses are still big news, especially tea dresses rather than skater style. In a bold and exotic print and ideal for day wear, worn with opaque tights and ankle boots, and a long-line cardi, or for evening wear with a gossamer shawl and high heels. Some of the most eye-catching prints are a riot of bright florals on a black back-ground.

Bomber Jackets
If you want to delay wearing a heavy winter coat for as long as possible what better than a Bomber jacket? This season cosy velvet has been used to make softer and less sporty styles, yet with the classic zip front and stand up collar and elasticated wrists. Or faux leather, with fleecy lining. Waist length and fitted but not tight these look great with midi length dresses and skirts and with boots.

Quilted Coats

The coolest way to keep cosy this winter! They come in sporty or luxe styles, and in a rainbow of colours. Forget bulky granny style puffas and think light, bright and amazingly warm, from waist to midi length, and fully zipped to keep out the cold some styles have discreet quilts but still keep you warm and draught-free. Available in a wide price range, you don’t need to spend a fortune, and most are washable. Choose a bright or more discreet colour if you prefer- either way they’re a great choice this season.

Chelsea Boots

As a contrast to last years’ high and over the knee boots ankle height are this year’s look, but like everything in the fashion world 2016, with a twist! There are your conventional fabrics and styles but also patterned in brocade and velvet and in lots of colours. Heels can be low mid or high but the shape is square block not thin and spindly. Toes are slim and rounded but not pointed. Also some have fringes and tassels. Golden, silver and animal prints add to the vast choice, and add a glamorous look to a plain outfit. OK, not so practical as wellies in the snow but perfect for a new look, and more comfortable if you have wider calves.


Horizontal stripes are big news and feature heavily in knitwear. Woollen dresses are really cosy and this year’s have bright stripes in colour that contrast and clash! Forget the blue and white Bretton summer stripes of summer and think bright reds and yellows. Jumpers are cosy with high necks. Wear with a crazy striped scarf but add contrast with black leggings or trousers.

So as you can see there really is no excuse to wear dark and boring this winter- it’s colour and prints, top-to-toe!  

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