March 02, 2015

This past week London has been the host of fashion week, with lots of weird and wonderful new looks, which will have a big influence on what we will be wearing in autumn and winter 2015. In amongst the crazier looks we found a few that we can’t wait to wear. Here’s a preview of our top five wearable looks, picked from the shows.

1. White Ruffled Blouses
Following on from the white shirts and blouses we will be wearing this spring and summer a more dressy look is forecast for autumn, and a new trend – sashes instead of belts, some made of satin.

2. Soft Chiffon Florals
Pretty and dreamy fabrics and patterns, a reminder of the seventies. Dresses are flowing and with frills and with handkerchief hems - romantic and dreamy.

3. Lace It Up
Replacing buttons and zips with laces and eyelets – just a detail but a different twist. Also lacing detail on roll necks and dresses.

4. Coats
Primary colours used for plaid coats and jackets and also velvet dresses were popular. Midi length peasant styles in rich autumn colours featured, and there was even a dash of fake leopard skin.

5. Finally – Tank Tops
Again a reminder of the seventies, shown in floral prints and in knitted fabrics and worn layered over dresses and with pretty skirts.

So let’s all enjoy summer while keeping in mind that autumn and winter promises lots of exciting fashion trends. 

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