May 04, 2015

Oriental influences featured heavily in the 2015 spring and summer fashion collections – good news, not just because of the beautiful prints and colours, but also because of the flattering shapes and styles. So we’ve chosen three new top tips to help you add a touch of the orient to your style.
These pretty kimono dresses are perfect for the summer months.
1.    Prints and Fabrics
These are delicate and detailed – often floral but also featuring butterflies birds and dragons. Think of Chinese vases and fans. The colours are beautiful – often jewel bright on a background of black or another dark back colour. Fabrics are light and comfortable – perfect for the warmer weather. These fashions can be dressed up or down, from pretty day-wear to sophisticated evening evening wear when teamed with a light jacket, shawl or kimono top.

2.    Kimonos
Kimono jackets were so popular last summer, and this trend is likely to continue into this summer too. The pretty semi sheer fabrics and flattering shapes have now transferred to dresses too. Check out the ones in our store in pink floral or black giraffe print.

3.    Obi Belts and Sashes
Ideal to give definition to your waist, they are traditionally made of silk or satin. Think of a wide belt ‘but more comfortable as they are adjustable to fit snugly but not tight. Choose contrasting colours, or a shade picked from the print. Worn with a more fitted style of dress they are an easy way to show off your natural curves.

So here at the start of summer embrace these versatile new styles and patterns because this look is going to continue into autumn. Learn to love it and team up leggings, harem pants and opaques for cooler days. It’s a great look! 

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