February 28, 2016

This year Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday 2016 falls on March 6th. How about making it the best one ever for your mum with a day and a gift to remember? Flowers and chocolates are fine and would be some mums’ choice but you can make these a bit more personal, and there’s lots of other options that maybe you haven’t thought of before. So to help you we’ve put together our top five ideas, all guaranteed to make your mum’s day really special.

1. Flowers – With A Twist!
A bouquet of flowers or a pot plant are a lovely gift, but how about a grow-your own flower kit for a different twist? From your local garden centre buy a trug and fill with packets of seeds, a bag of compost, gardening gloves and hand tools. Add a plant book - a perfect gift for mums who love to garden.
2. An Edible Treat
Instead of buying a box of chocs how about making your own? It’s really easy to do and you can buy all the things to do it at the supermarket. Pack in a pretty box and tie with ribbon. Or for something easier bake some muffins or a sponge cake and decorate with chocolate buttons. Cookies are even easier. Mums all love a gift that you’ve taken the time and trouble to make yourself. Also if you can’t afford to spend a lot hand-made is ideal.
3. High Tea
Take your mum out to a special tea at a fancy restaurant. Dainty sandwiches and posh cakes on a cake-stand with a pot of tea are a real treat and also give you and your mum a chance to chat.
4. Beauty Treatments
Maybe your mum has regular treatments or has her nails done but to some mums it would be a real treat, especially if you went together. Buy a voucher and pack in a pretty box with some hand cream and maybe some nail polish for future use. Again if you go together it would be a chance to spend some special time without family interruptions!
5. A New Outfit
Maybe your budget doesn’t run to a whole outfit but a lovely jumper or dress in your mum’s favourite style and colour would be a good gift. Many mums spend any spare cash on their families first and don’t treat themselves very often. Or a token which gives your mum the fun of choosing a gift for herself might suit your mum better.

Whatever you choose the important part of mothers’ day is to show your mum that you care for her. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top sentimental - you know your mum better than anyone. Just make sure you don’t forget, even if you only send a card with a special message.

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