May 09, 2017

Here at Apples and Pears we are loving a bit of 1950’s glam right now!

After the hardship and austerity of the war years, with peace and relief came a desire for change, and especially in the world of fashion. Designers created a whole new look; one of glamour and style. Pretty, swirly dresses together with frilly blouses and pencil skirts were the answer to making everyone feel hopeful and optimistic.

Here’s our five top tips to give your outfits the 1950’s Vintage look.

The traditional 1950’s shape is mid-calf length and with a fitted waist, and wide skirt. Demure tea dresses with a straighter skirt are also popular. Add definition with a wide belt. These dresses are perfect for summer, and you can give them a modern twist with a quirky colourful and print. If they feel a bit too dressed up for every day, then try this sort of look for a summer party or wedding.

Skater skirts worn with a simple t shirt and ballet pumps are a great summer holiday look. Alternatively, for evening parties, swap flats for strappy high-heels. Don’t write off pencil skirts, this fitted style can look fab. Pair with a blouse and heels for that 50’s look.

Colours and Patterns
Whilst prints and patterns were popular in the 1950’s, you can give your look a contemporary twist with bright colours and quirky prints. Jewel bright shades from scarlets to emerald greens and even citrus yellow. Or pretty pinks and pastels. Florals are always popular or for a complete change oriental style. If you’ve never worn patterns and these dresses are the perfect opportunity to give them a try!

Tulle and taffeta were the fabrics of the fifties, together with cotton. Our modern fabrics are easier to machine wash and dry, and if you put your dresses on hangers ironing is minimal. Many are crease resistant, so don’t let your busy life put you off this more glamorous look!

Belts and Accessories
Belts were very popular, the wider the better! Worn with a skater skirt or dress, a wide belt finishes off this type of outfit. Shoes were pumps, peep toes or platforms, often made of straw, plastic or cloth, as were handbags. Elbow length gloves and large hats were for High Society, but who knows- if you love the fifties look maybe you could really dress up fifties style for your next big occasion!

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