June 13, 2016

If you are someone who only wears leggings to exercise, then think again about adding a pair or two to your wardrobe. This summer sees a big leggings revival. 

They’ve never really gone away but with better fabric and with a wide choice of patterns and colours they’re about to be more popular than ever. The new buzzword is 'athleisure' – casual clothing designed for both exercise and leisurewear. Here are our top reasons to love leggings…

1. Comfort
Forget the old Spandex of past leggings. Today's styles are made of polyamide and elastane, which means a better fit and as long as you wash carefully and dry flat they’ll spring back into shape. Hand washing is probably best to stop them losing their shape.

2. Versatility
Leggings can be great for more dressed up occasions when teamed with the right top or tunic .Classic black are really offset a colourful or patterned top. Also, this season’s oversized shirts look good with leggings. You can even wear them with mini dresses and high-heels. So forget all the past rules and if bare legs are not your thing give them a go.

3. Not Just in Black
This seasons leggings come in a rainbow of colours and patterns. This is when you can team them with plain tops and tunics and go wild with your legs! There are a lot of florals and stripes and these look really good for both leisure and more dressed up occasions. Again its worth paying a bit more to get the style and shape-retaining leggings.

​So why not add leggings to your summer wardrobe?!

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