November 04, 2017

Maybe you prefer winter to summer and are quite happy when the seasons change. For those of us who dread the darker, shorter days and freezing temperatures it’s easy to get the winter blues.

​With this in mind we’ve found five positive and practical reasons to be cheerful and to have a great winter whatever the weather.  

1. Go Shopping! 
The fashions this season are aimed at keeping us cosy and warm with the shops full of really comfortable and colourful coats and knits. It seems that at last the designers have realised that winter is cold and that black and brown are boring, so coats are thick and roomy to allow for layers underneath. Jumpers are oversized with high roll necks and long sleeves. Colour-wise red orange and yellow and bright patterns feature in everything. Shop online to stay indoors in the warm!

2. There’s No Excuse to be Cold! 
Refresh your wardrobe and add some cosy new clothes. Donate last year’s skimpy black coat to a charity shop and buy a thick roomy one with a big snuggly collar, together with new scarf and gloves. Choose a beautiful bright colour that you’ll enjoy wearing. Waiting at the bus-stop in the rain will be a lot less painful if you’re warm. Boots in a bright colour and maybe a hat will complete the look.

3. Learn To Say No 
Make up your mind that you’ll only spend leisure time doing what you want to do whenever possible. Don’t just accept invitations because you don’t like to say no. Go home and treat yourself to a long lazy bath or an early night rather than going out in the cold. 

4. Have A Pamper Evening 
All those layers of clothes can mean neglecting to keep up with simple treatments that you do in the summer, such as moisturising and exfoliation. Give yourself a manicure and experiment with a bright new nail colour and lipstick. Lay out your clothes for the next day rather than just pulling on the first things you come to.

5. Learn Something New! 
Before the internet was born learning a new skill or hobby meant going out in the cold and dark evenings to evening classes. Now all you need to do is to log on, whether you want to learn a new language or how to knit, it can be done without leaving the house. Maybe do some research for a new holiday destination then learn the language. Sometimes just moving the furniture around can give your home a whole new look and make you forget the cold and dark the other side of the curtains!

So, let’s look forward to winter with a new and positive attitude and simply not let the weather bring us down.     

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