May 23, 2015

The weather here at the moment is a little crazy – warm one minute and then chilly and pouring with rain the next!  It makes it very tricky to know what to wear. Layering is an ideal way to mix and match warm and lightweight fabrics to make a easy and fashionable outfit without being bulky and uncomfortable. Here are our top five tips to layer while looking stylish.

1.    Experiment! 
When you have a few spare moments have a trying on session – team up separates to see which will go best together, and feel comfortable layered, to save that morning rush.

2.    The three layer look
The basic ‘next to skin’ layer needs to be made of a lightweight fabric and snug-fitting. For instance, a long sleeved cotton T shirt or maybe a top from a sportswear range. Team with a well-fitting thin sweater or maybe a light jacket or shirt. Bottom half can be leggings, jeans or slim-fitting trousers.

3.    Kimonos or Sheer Tops
These look great worn loose and floating with a snug-fitting base layer underneath.  I  like wearing a single neutral colour top to toe, and a really bright coloured kimono over the top – perfect for summer!

4.    Ponchos or Shawls
Ideal to add as an extra layer without the bulkiness of a chunky sweater or cardigan. Probably too warm for the daytime, but if the evenings are still a bit chilly where you are this could be a great option.

5.    Colour-wise
Wearing different shades of the same colour can look really smart. Try wearing the lightest as a base and the darkest on top.

As you can see the key to successful layering are simple – keep fabrics lightweight and cosy, well-fitting and long-line.  And hopefully June will bring some lovely warm days! 

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