March 26, 2019

Apples and Pears Clothing has a new team member, but she may be a familiar face! 

You may remember a guest blog about our Sweetness & Sass Collection back in 2017? (Wow! Was it really that long ago?) – well, that was written by Jade and we are delighted to welcome her to the team on a more permanent basis.

​Jade was born in our HQ town of Colchester, but left after A levels. 21 years later she returned, having lived and worked in four countries across three continents in that time. Now, three years after her return and with a daughter who’s just started secondary school, Jade works as a writer and marketer and has come on board with Apples & Pears to help us with our social media and blogging.

Body positive and plus-size, Jade knows what floats our customers’ boats, and she has an eye for colour and a way with words that means she fits right into our ethos. Over the coming months Jade will be (wo)manning our Twitter account, in particular, and would love to hear from you! 

So, why not head over? You can suggest topics you might like her to cover in our blog, or ask any burning questions you may have – do we have the maroon spotty tea dress in a 26? (Yes!) Is the lilac handbag big enough for your purse? (Yes!) Would the lemon swing dress work for a summer wedding? (Absolutely yes!!)

We love hearing your stories, seeing you in your favourite top, helping you find the dress that makes you feel totally va-va-voom, so come and say hi to Jade and let’s talk!

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